The Bu Difference

The Power of Kombucha

Kombucha has enchanted people for centuries with its incredible health benefits, from supporting immune health to boosting energy to decreasing inflammation. Kombucha is a combination of tea, probiotic-packed kombucha culture and the food source for that culture- organic cane sugar. The Bu optimizes the fermentation process so that most of the sugar is devoured by the culture, leaving a natural healthy source of probiotics, enzymes, herbs, spices and tea that is brewed to perfection. The Bu has only 25 calories and 5 grams of sugar per 7 oz serving.

Vim, Vigor and No Vinegar Taste!

Traditionally, kombucha has been thought of as a healthy elixir with a pungent vinegary taste that only a super health conscious person could or should tolerate.  The Bu’s unique kombucha culture and brewing techniques produce a non-vinegary, nuanced flavor that is refreshing and satisfying for even the most discerning (or picky) tastebuds. Taking good care of yourself should be deliciously fun!”

How it All Began

The Bu was founded in 2011 by Gary Hawes, a surfing, snowboarding biochemist living in Hawaii. Hawes started drinking kombucha to help him recover from his intense workouts, but was turned off by the heavy, vinegary taste that each brand offered. Realizing the potential health and wellness aspects of kombucha, Hawes retreated to his garage and applied his scientific knowledge, determined to develop a great kombucha that was both healthy and delicious. From his garage in Hawaii, The Bu Kombucha was born.

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