How it All Began

The Bu was founded in 2011 by Gary Hawes, a surfing, snowboarding biochemist living in Hawaii. Hawes started drinking kombucha to help him recover from his intense workouts, but was turned off by the heavy, vinegary taste that each brand offered. Realizing the potential health and wellness aspects of kombucha, Hawes retreated to his garage and applied his scientific knowledge, determined to develop a great kombucha that was both healthy and delicious. From his garage in Hawaii, The Bu Kombucha was born.

Our Mission

We brew the cleanest kombucha from the world’s most premium ingredients to offer our customers a healthy and refreshing drink experience. The Bu stands-out as a smooth, thirst quenching beverage option that is also low in sugar and high in nutrients, making it the perfect substitute for unhealthy beverage staples such as soda, energy and juice flavored drinks. An icy-cold Bu, restores vitality first thing in the morning, after a workout, or during that mid-afternoon recharge. At The Bu, our mission is to help improve the American diet and support individual health without taking away from the pleasure of consuming a refreshing beverage. No one should have to sacrifice good taste for good health! 

Health is Our Priority

The Bu is committed to improving the health of our body and our earth. Whether surfing, cycling or climbing a mountain, our founders want to enhance your fitness experience with a bottle of Bu + an awesome view. To preserve these out-door-spaces, The Bu has enthusiastically joined the growing global movement to give 1% of our revenues to organizations that support the preservation of our beautiful planet.

Additionally, The Bu partners with organizations that are involved with research and education focused on child obesity.  We are committed to helping children and their parents learn about nutrition and the lifelong dangers of obesity.

Our Flavors

Proud to offer 7 flavors for The Bu lovers to enjoy.
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